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All-Day Sian Ka'an
Tour Summary
Sunset Birdwatching Tour
Sunset Birdwatching Tour Summary

All-Day Sian Ka'an Tour
This tour is an all-day, educational, sight-seeing boat tour through the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve. Highlights of the Tour include:

  • Following the Mayan trade route used 1200 years ago
  • Seeing abundant flora and fauna unique to Sian Ka'an
  • Visiting unexcavated Mayan ruins hidden within the Reserve
  • Floating down a freshwater river and swimming in natural sink-holes
  • Learning the natural and Mayan history of the Reserve with experienced guides

Tour Summary
The tour begins at Los Lirios where we have an introductory discussion and view the coastal flora and fauna. We visit sea turtle nests on the beach (in season) and then make the short walk through the forest across the peninsula to the lagoon. From this point, the tour continues by boat traversing the two northernmost, brackish lagoons. In this area, we pass a small Mayan ruin and view up-close the mangrove islands which are nesting areas for many of the birds found within Sian Ka'an.

The tour continues south along the peninsula to the lagoon of Boca Paila where we turn inland and enter the narrow 11 km natural canal which traverses the expansive mangrove swamp and savanna grassland which comprise much of the center of Sian Ka'an. Along the journey we are surrounded by birds, tall mangrove trees, orchids, bromeliads, termite mounds, fish and much more.

The canal ends at a Post Classic Mayan Temple hidden in the mangrove swamp with beautiful frescos and a well-preserved inner sanctum.
After visiting the temple we continue by boat to the freshwater Lagoon of Chunyaxche where we see some examples of the thousands of small sink holes (cenotes) from which the lagoon is filled.

After a snack and refreshments we enter the canal once again to commence a half-hour relaxing float wearing lifejackets and being carried by the water's current. After getting back in the boat we travel to the ocean edge passing wide sandy flats where rays, predatory birds, and many fish are found. Continuing under an antique wooden, bridge we follow a waterway which allows us passage to the ocean to view the coral reef and the seemingly endless expanse of tree-lined, sandy beach. We end the tour following the peninsula back to CESiaK for some relaxation on the beach.

Sunset Birdwatching Tour
This tour is of the biggest natural protected area in the state of Quintana Roo. It is an ecological tour for people interested in nature, in ecosystems, plants and, of course, birds. It consists of an afternoon tour in an open boat through the lagoons of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve. Activities include swimming and snorkeling in a cenote, birdwatching, watching the sunset over the lagoons and visiting a mayan ruin.

Sunset Birdwatching Tour Summary:

  • Pick-up at hotel in Tulum.
  • Stop at the entrance of the Reserve of Sian Ka'an where the guide will explain the objectives of the reserve and important facts about the existing flora, fauna and ecosystems. Walk an interpretive trail to learn about the vegetation found in the coastal dune areas. Swim in a cenote. Leave for Caapechen Lagoon.
  • Get into a 23' open-air boat with an outboard motor. See diverse ecosystems, plants and birds in the lagoons of Caapechen, Boca Paila and San Miguel. Visit a sea inlet, Bird Island and a mayan ruin and watch the sun set over the mangrove and lagoon.
  • Return to the boat landing.
  • Drop-off at hotel in Tulum.

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